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Protect smaller products and booklets with our compact A6 and A7 printer boxes

Our selection of A6 and A7 sized cardboard boxes are the smallest sized printer boxes we offer. These compact boxes are perfect for folded brochures, booklets, door hangers, greetings cards and postcards.

When you need to post smaller products securely, choose our A6 postal boxes with a locking flap. These can be assembled quickly and are easy to seal. When you need a box that fits closely and prevents your products from moving, try our telescopic boxes. These are adjustable to suit different quantities of product, and are an also available in white – for clearer labelling. Get all the printer boxes you need delivered next day.

A6 size is one quarter the size of A4 and measures 148mm x 105mm.

A7 size is one-eighth of an A4 and measures 105mm x 74mm.

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A6 postal boxes
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