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Seal strapping securely with our range of metal and plastic seals and buckles

Seals and buckles add a strong secure seal to strapping and prevent contents from moving during transit or storage. For corded polyester strapping, choose sturdy steel buckles that make it easy to tension and re-tension your strapping as goods settle. For a secure fastening on polypropylene strapping, choose plastic buckles that lock the strapping into place, or heavy duty metal seals.

We supply metal seals and buckles for steel strapping too. These are available in different widths to suit different consignments and are perfect for making a robust seal around irregular shaped items. For advice on the right seals and buckles for you, get in touch and get top quality seals and sealing kits delivered next day.

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Serrated seals
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Metal seals
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Steel buckles
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Plastic buckles
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Semi-open metal seals
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