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Make boxes stronger and more shock-absorbent with corner protectors

Corner protectors are a proven way to shield the corners and edges of your products from knocks and scrapes. Our wide range of protectors helps you make both the inside and outside of your boxes, cartons and pallets strong and shock-absorbent.

Storing furniture? Find out about our ‘grip to clip’ foam protectors or check out our protective corner profiles for worktops. We also stock self-adhesive corner protectors that stop your products from being crushed, plus shockproof L Profile cardboard protectors that create a tough outer shield. Order what you need today for delivery tomorrow.

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Foam U corner protectors
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Carton corner protectors
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From £120.70 ex. VAT
Foam corner protectors
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From £82.47 ex. VAT
Protective corner profiles
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Corrugated pads
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Self-adhesive foam blocks
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From £65.40 ex. VAT