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  • Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 1
  • Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 2
  • Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 3
  • Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 4
Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 1
Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 2
Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 3
Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve  - 4

Flexi-Hex™ Sleeve

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  • 3 sizes available: Lite, Mid, and XL, expanding from 600mm–1100mm
  • Known for exceptional protection, significantly reducing breakage rates
  • Adaptable honeycomb design molds around any item placed inside
  • Perfect for various items like TV and computer screens, surfboards, furniture, and homewares
  • Crafted from 100% recycled paper, FSC Certified for sustainability
  • Environmentally conscious: plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable
  • Improved unboxing and brand experience with stylish packaging
  • Compact for easy storage in busy packing stations
  • See our Flexi-Hex™ bottle box and sleeve kits for secure bottle packaging
  • Sold in packs, priced per sleeve
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Detailed description

Eco-friendly protection

The Lite, Mid, and XL sleeves mark the latest additions to our line of environmentally conscious protective packaging under the Flexi-Hex™ brand. Crafted from 100% recycled paper and entirely free from plastic, these sleeves offer an eco-responsible solution that appeals to businesses seeking greener alternatives.

Featuring the signature expandable honeycomb structure of Flexi-Hex™, these sleeves are engineered from durable kraft paper that conforms to the shape of your products. Their sleek and adaptable design makes them ideal for safeguarding various items, large or small, during transit, including high-value goods like TV and computer screens, surfboards, furniture, and homewares.

Designed with innovation in mind, these sleeves boast an open-ended design that can be customised to fit your specific needs. Easily cut to size and sealed with paper tape, they provide a flexible packaging option that saves time and effort, all while promoting sustainability by eliminating plastic usage.

Discover our range of Flexi-Hex™ range for secure packaging solutions.

Available in packs and priced per sleeve.

  • FHXLT – Flexi-Hex LITE sleeve – expands up to 600mm wide
  • FHXMD – Flexi-Hex MID Sleeve – expands up to 800mm wide
  • FHXXL – Flexi-Hex XL Sleeve – expands up to 1100mm wide




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