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MARTOR® SECUMAX 350 safety knife

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  • Innovative changeable concealed blade head
  • 2 cutting edges with 6mm depth
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic handle
  • Can cut double wall cardboard
  • Double use blade and spare blade available
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Detailed description

Safety knife with concealed blade

Featuring an innovative changeable concealed blade head the Martor SECUMAX 350 Safety Knife is a combination of versatility, safety, and comfort. This cutter with a glass fibre reinforced plastic handle can cut all standard materials including double-wall cardboard, plastic strapping and layers of paper and can also split adhesive tapes.

The blade head has two cutting edges and two tape splitters and is ideal for either left-handed or right handed operators. The blade with its plastic jacket can be turned to use again and there is a spare blade stored in the knife body. Blade change is safely and easily performed, just open the blue inner side of the knife to reveal the spare blade. The mounted blade will simultaneously unlatch.

Replacement blades are available from RAJA in packs of 10. See reference 3550.

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