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Longspan heavy duty warehouse steel shelving starter and extension bays

(24 references)
£245.00  ex. VAT
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Delivery in several weeks
  • Create your own heavy duty shelving bays
  • Choose from 3 shelf lengths
  • Galvanised steel shelves
  • Grey epoxy coated finished frames
  • Sold and priced per kit
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Price ex. VAT per unit
LSSEXT2406 add on bay13steel18002400600500300.00
LSSEXT2109HD add on bay13steel180021009001000329.00
LSSEXT2109 add on bay13steel18002100900500325.00
LSSEXT1809HD add on bay13steel180018009001000340.00
LSSBAY1806 starter bay23steel18001800600500275.00
LSSEXT2406HD add on bay13steel180024006001000300.00
LSSEXT2409 add on bay13steel18002400900500335.00
LSSBAY1806HD starter bay23steel180018006001000270.00
LSSBAY1809HD starter bay23steel180018009001000351.00
LSSBAY2406 starter bay23steel18002400600500360.00
LSSEXT1806 add on bay13steel18001800600500245.00
LSSEXT1809 add on bay13steel18001800900500273.00
LSSEXT2106 add on bay13steel18002100600500265.00
LSSBAY1809 starter bay23steel18001800900500345.00
LSSBAY2406HD starter bay23steel180024006001000350.00
LSSEXT2106HD add on bay13steel180021006001000254.00
LSSBAY2109 starter bay23steel18002100900500350.00
LSSBAY2106 starter bay23steel18002100600500340.00
LSSEXT1806HD add on bay13steel180018006001000259.00
LSSBAY2409 starter bay23steel18002400900500450.00
LSSBAY2409HD starter bay23steel180024009001000450.00
LSSBAY2106HD starter bay23steel180021006001000297.00
LSSBAY2109HD starter bay23steel180021009001000378.00
LSSEXT2409HD add on bay13steel180024009001000400.00
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Detailed description

Warehouse shelving solutions that are ready made

Longspan heavy duty steel warehouse shelving starter and extension bays each come with 3 steel shelves.

These steel shelves are supplied as 2 orange beams with 7 steel decks which fit neatly giving a smooth finish. The pre-constructed frames are designed and manufactured in accordance with all European and British quality approval systems (ISO9000) and are extremely strong, rugged and durable. Grey epoxy coated finished frames with galvanised bracing.

You must have already purchased a starter bay before adding extension bays. More shelves can be added as and when needed.

We recommend all frames are bolted to the floor. Please see reference HDB for holding down bolts. Uneven floor? Then order levelling plates, references LLP2 and LLP3.

Order your new storage now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for expert storage advice.

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