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Packaging and shipping labels

Mark all your packages with shipping labels

Properly labelling your goods is a vital step to ensuring a shipment arrives in its best condition. We offer an assortment of shipping and packaging labels, meticulously designed to ensure every parcel you dispatch arrives in impeccable condition. Engineered for effortless application, our postage labels feature a steadfast peel-and-stick adhesive, perfect for adhering to cartons and pallets. Crafted from premium semi-gloss paper, our mailing labels exhibit remarkable durability, withstanding the rigors of the postal journey. Imprinted with highly conspicuous hazard warnings and handling instructions, you can confidently send delicate items like glassware, ceramics, or even cakes, accompanied by clear guidelines for couriers. Rest assured, your fragile goods will travel from point A to point B unscathed.

What type of label should I use?

Selecting the right packaging label will be down to your business's unique requirements. For items prone to breakage, such as wine glasses, our printed packaging labels—including the widely recognized 'FRAGILE' sticker—serve as the perfect signal to delivery services for gentle handling.

Items in Transit

Our specialized parcel and envelope labels are ideal for emphasizing the urgency or fragility of a shipment. Even vital documents like contracts benefit from our 'Do Not Bend' and 'Documents Enclosed' labels, ensuring they reach their destination unblemished.

Global Shipping

Safeguard international shipments with dedicated shipping labels. Easily applied and enabling swift content identification, these universally acknowledged labels provide instant guidance on proper handling for each order.

Electronics & Liquids

If your regular shipments comprise technological or electrical goods, our specialized antistatic, tilt-watch, and hazard labels serve as essential notifications, guaranteeing secure transportation.

Experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution at RAJA to fortify your business's success. Whether it's packaging labels for various box sizes, sturdy cardboard boxes for secure transit, or dependable packaging tape to ensure secure sealing, we have your needs covered.

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