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Vinyl & Coloured Tape

Seal and Colour Code Boxes with our Tough Vinyl Tape

Vinyl tape is a versatile and robust solution for sealing your heavier boxes and cartons. It creates an instant, strong, and long-lasting seal, making it perfect for busy work environments. Whether your packages are stored in deep freeze conditions or shipped overseas, vinyl packaging tape ensures they remain secure. Its tear and burst resistance offers reliability that surpasses typical packaging tapes, making it ideal for heavier items.

Choosing the Right Tape

  • Standard Duty Vinyl Tape (35 Micron): Perfect for everyday use, available in a range of widths, offering a reliable seal for general packaging needs.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tape (50 Micron): Ideal for heavier boxes, providing reinforced strength and durability.
  • Coloured Narrow Vinyl Tape: Excellent for identifying small boxes or sealing polythene bags, this tape is available in various colours to suit your needs.
  • Coloured Vinyl Tape (35 Micron): Perfect for colour-coding boxes and cartons, this tape combines toughness and durability, available in seven different colours.

Silent and Efficient

Vinyl tape is perfect for offices and warehouses as it dispenses silently, minimising workplace disturbances. It is easy to apply and adheres to many types of surfaces, making it ideal for businesses that need to quickly pack boxes and cartons for their customers.

Custom Printed Tape for Brand Recognition

Establish your brand with custom printed tape unique to your company. Quick and easy to create, use our online tool to design your bespoke tape, enhancing your packaging and brand presence.

Why Choose Vinyl & Coloured Tape?

  • Versatile: Suitable for a range of applications and environments.
  • Durable: Tear and burst resistant, ideal for heavy items.
  • Temperature Resistant: Performs well in extreme temperatures.
  • Silent Dispensing: Reduces workplace noise.
  • Customisable: Available in various colours and customisable options for brand enhancement.

Upgrade your packaging solutions with vinyl and coloured tape, and experience the benefits of strength, versatility, and efficiency.

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