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Packaging Tape & Adhesives

Seal and secure your parcels with our excellent range of Packaging Tape

RAJA has everything you could need to seal your package securely and efficiently. With a great selection of tapes and adhesives that provide a solution for any challenge, check out our full range right here!

What are the main kinds of tape

Tape consists of two main elements, the backing material which is usually made from polypropylene, PVC or paper, and the adhesive which is usually Hot melt, acrylic or natural rubber. What combination of these elements you use will effect what kind of tape you have and the best use case. There are, of course, other backing materials and adhesives but these make up the majority of packaging tapes that we have available.

For more details about backing materials and adhesives please check out these blog posts we have on the matter!

How do I decide which tape to use?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing tape, from your package weight to how long it will be needed. Here’s a quick overview of the different features of our packaging tape and strapping:

Packaging tape

Simple packaging tape is used to pack and seal boxes. There are many kinds of package tape, each with different properties and uses. Standard vinyl adhesive tape is great for getting packages from A to B, but for items in storage polypropylene tape provides a strong, long-lasting seal. Hot melt tape is best for heavy duty packaging, as this is the strongest type of adhesive available. Package tape can be decorative too, with custom printed packaging tape available via our Custom Packaging line.

Masking and paper tape

Paper tape is a type of package tape that can be used for sealing boxes and cartons. It is made from a natural adhesive applied to a paper backing, which makes it easily recyclable. Paper tape is strong too, able to hold packages up to 20 kg in weight for self-adhesive tape and 75 kg for hot melt tape.

Masking tape is a low adhesion tape that doesn’t leave behind marks once it is removed. It’s ideal for masking off when decorating to create clean painted lines. While its low adhesion means it isn’t suitable for sealing boxes, it is excellent for creating labels for stored items.

Industrial tape

Packaging tape and strapping generally perform different roles in sealing and securing your boxes. However, industrial packaging tapes can be used to bundle and reinforce groups of items or boxes, in a similar way to strapping. This includes our ultra-tough cross woven filament tape, which can be used to for strapping heavy goods and export consignments.

How do I store tape for long term use?

The adhesive of tape can require specific storage in order to ensure it retains the tack and adhesion you need to securely seal packaging. Here is our quick guide to getting the most out of your tape.

For Best Application Results

  • Dispense tapes at a temperature of 18 degrees on a clean, dry surface.
  • For cold environments, use polypropylene solvent film with a natural rubber glue or gummed tape.
  • For warm environments, use polypropylene with an acyrlic glue or gummed tape.
  • Apply light pressure to the tape while using your dispenser.
  • Avoid stretching polypropylene tape too much as it weakens adhesion and can lift after application.

For Best Storage Results

We recommend storing your tapes for no more than 6 months (12 months for tapes with acrylic glue), at a temperature between 18 and 21 degrees.

If stored below this, leave your tapes in a heated room 24 hours before use.

Our packaging tape specialists can help you find the best tape for your packages, or the right types of strapping to secure your pallets. Call 0800 542 44 28 for expert recommendations and advice.

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