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Paper tape

Seal your cartons and export boxes fast with our secure paper tape

Our range of paper tape is a perfect choice for neatly and securely sealing boxes and cartons for your shipping and storage of goods.

What types of paper tape are there?

With so many types of paper tapes available, and more joining our product range regularly, it can be tricky to know which one is right for your job. Paper tape is a type of packaging tape that uses a paper backing, rather than a conventional polypropylene or vinyl backing. Choose from gummed paper tape, hot melt, and self-adhesive tape – all of which use a recyclable paper backing.

Gummed paper tape

Once activated with water, gummed paper tape creates a permanent bond with the carton. It is stronger than standard packing tape, and so is suitable for heavy packages. Gummed paper tape is also able to withstand temperature changes, which makes it ideal for packaging export companies and items in storage. Its permanent bond also makes it tamper proof as it can’t be removed without leaving a mark on the carton.

Hot melt tape

Our hot melt brown paper tape has a paper backing, unlike conventional hot melt tapes that use polypropylene. Hot melt tape uses a high-tack, long-lasting synthetic rubber resin adhesive that’s suitable for sealing items in storage. It is significantly stronger than standard packing tape, and more flexible too. Perfect for e-commerce businesses as well as trade, it’s incredibly quick to use and can be torn by hand, allowing you to power through your carton sealing tasks.

Self-adhesive tape

With no need for water to activate the adhesive, self-adhesive Kraft paper tape is a hassle-free yet strong brown paper tape that balances application speed with strength. It is an eco-conscious alternative to polypropylene and vinyl tapes. It can be torn by hand, which is great for e-commerce businesses who don’t have space for a paper tape dispenser. It is great for storage too, with a writeable surface that won’t become brittle over time.

How does gummed paper tape work?

Gummed paper tape is activated with water, and is best applied with a specialist gummed paper tape dispenser, which moistens and cuts the tape for you. Choose from a manual gummed tape dispenser and an electric gummed paper tape dispenser. A manual dispenser is the cheaper option, and can be used in workspaces where there is no electrical connection. They are best for low-volume use, and can be hard work to use. An electric dispenser is best for high-volume use and cuts out the manual labour to boost your productivity.

How recyclable are these tapes?

Paper tape is made from recyclable materials, including our gummed and self-adhesive tapes. Their paper backing and natural adhesives means they can be recycled along with their box, making it effortless for your business and customers to recycle your product packaging.

If you want to make the switch to recyclable paper packing tape, but aren’t sure which tape is right for your purposes, call our packaging specialists on 0800 542 44 28 for expert advice. And if you need customised paper tape, with Rajaprint, our easy online tape customisation tool, you can add your logo, choose your colours and paper tape type, and order your tape.

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