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Security seals

Secure valuable packages with a tamper evident security seal

Reassure customers that products have not been opened or used in transit with one of our tamper seals. Ideal for protecting valuable items in the post, a high quality tamper proof seal gives peace of mind to both you and your recipients. Our high security seals are each individually marked with a sequential serial number, which makes them easier to track and trace while they’re in transit. Made from bright red polypropylene, shipping security seals are weatherproof which makes them suitable for overseas shipping. Or you can use them for long-term storage thanks to their increased durability.
What should I use?
When you need a tight seal on cash bags, polythene sacks, or similar products, then our bag security seals are an excellent option. Our metal locking double T- seals are a great option for protecting and securing your containers while they’re in transit.
The brand committed to you!
At RAJA, we’re dedicated to ensuring your business is a success. Our tamper proof security seals are excellent for securing boxes, cartons, and bags and giving customers some added reassurance their high value products have not been opened during transit.
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