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Bubble Bags

Ready-to-use bubble wrap bags are a quick way to seal and protect products

Bubble wrap bags are a convenient and efficient solution for protecting various items during shipping or storage. At RAJA, we offer a range of plastic bubble wrap bags that provide reliable protection for your goods. With different sizes available, from large bags measuring up to 400 x 600mm to slim bags suitable for letterboxes and small bubble bags for single items, you can find the perfect fit for your products. Even irregularly shaped items can be accommodated thanks to the bag opening and width. Simply ensure you choose a bag wide enough to facilitate easy insertion and closure. These ready-to-use bubble wrap bags are highly popular among businesses with diverse stock and varying order volumes.

The Benefits of Bubble Wrap Bags for Your Business

Bubble bags offer numerous advantages, making them a cost-effective and protective packaging option compared to traditional bubble wrap rolls. While standard loose-fitting bubble wrap requires additional tape for securement, bubble bags provide complete surrounding protection that keeps the entire product contained and safeguarded. The flexible film of bubble bags conforms to the shape of the items, allowing for a snug fit. If necessary, you can add extra layers of protection around the bags, particularly when shipping multiple parts and pieces to a single location. By individually bagging products, you can safely ship them together, using void fill or specialized protective packaging to prevent any shifting within the mailing bag or carton.

Efficiency and Convenience in Packaging

Using bubble bags simplifies the packing process. The smooth inner lining of the bag facilitates easy insertion of items, saving you time and effort compared to working with a bubble wrap roll. Bubble bags are designed to suit your needs, with a shape similar to that of a bubble tube but with three sides already sealed to form a bag. This hassle-free design ensures efficiency, especially in busy working environments. You can pack your products quickly and move on to the next task.

Effective Protection and Clear Visibility

The construction of bubble bags ensures effective protection against everyday shocks, as the air-filled bubbles cushion the exterior of the bag. Meanwhile, the smooth lining allows for easy insertion and removal of items. The semi-translucent to clear nature of bubble wrap bags provides good clarity, enabling easy identification of the bag's contents. Additionally, the lightweight film used in manufacturing bubble bags helps save on postage or courier costs. Packaging and shipping products have never been simpler.

Specialized Bubble Bags for Specific Needs

For products requiring specialized protection, such as electronic items, we offer antistatic bubble bags. These bags, identifiable by their pink colour, are made from antistatic bubble wrap. They dissipate surface charge and prevent the build-up of static discharge, ensuring safe handling without producing static charges. The antistatic additive in these bags is guaranteed for six months.

Convenient Closure Options and Eco-Friendly Choices

Choose bubble wrap bags with a self-seal adhesive strip for quick and easy closure in seconds. Alternatively, opt for strip-free versions and use tape or heat sealers to secure the bags. We also stock recyclable bubble bags in a distinctive green colour, catering to environmentally responsible packaging needs.

Order Your Wholesale Bubble Wrap Bags Today!

If you require further assistance or advice in selecting the right bubble wrap bags for your business, our Packaging Specialists are here to help. Contact us at 0800 542 44 28 to find the perfect bubble wrap solution that meets your specific requirements. Protect your products with ease and confidence by choosing bubble wrap bags from our comprehensive range.

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