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Bubble wrap bags

Ready-to-use bubble wrap bags are a quick way to seal and protect products

Our range of protective packaging includes bubble wrap bags, these plastic bubble wrap bags are ideal for protecting a number of items and make preparing your goods for shipping or storage simple. Individual bubble wrap bags can be used for a variety of items, available in a range of sizes, from big bubble wrap bags that can hold larger items – up to 400 x 600mm - to flat narrow items that can fit through a letter box and for single pieced items that require a small bubble bag. Even awkward shaped items, the bag opening and width of the bag allow for products that are not a simple square or rectangle to be inserted – just make sure to order a bag that is wide enough to facilitate the insertion of the item and closure of the bag! These wrap bags are popular for its readymade inbuilt protective qualities, perfect for all businesses with varied stock and order volumes shipped per day.

If you have a diverse range of goods, bubble wrap bags will benefit your business. Bubble bags can be more economical and provide better protection than a bubble wrap roll. Both lightweight and supple to conform around products, standard bubble though is loose fitting and will require tape to secure the bubble around the item, compared with bubble bags which offer a complete surround barrier that houses the entire product, keeping it contained, collated and protected. Another advantage of a bubble bag is its versatility of use, the supple and flexible film can fit to items, and you can add additional layers of protection around the bags if required. Particularly if you are shipping different parts and pieces to one location. You can safely ship more than one product together if in its own bubble bag, with only the requirement of the void fill or specialist protective packaging - depending on the products packaged - to prevent the bubble bags from shifting in the mailing bag or carton..

When packing your products, simply open the bag and the smooth inner helps the item slide in. Depending on your product to be packaged bubble bags are easier and more convenient than a bubble wrap roll, sized more conveniently to your needs – similar in shape to that of a bubble tube but with 3 sides already sealed to form a bag, it is hassle-free ready to hold the item making it efficient for busy working environments. One of the main benefits of using a bubble bag is to save time in your packing operation.

The bag construction is effective, air filled bubbles on the outside of the bag cushion against everyday shocks, while the smooth lining allows products to be easily inserted and removed. You can also clearly see the bag contents as the semi-translucent to clear bubble wrap bags offers good clarity for easy identification. Also, made from a lightweight film to save on postage or courier costs, bagging products to ship or store could not be simpler.

For specialist protective packaging such as electronic products, choose antistatic bubble bags. Our antistatic protective packaging can be identified by its pink colour. These bags are made simply from anti static bubble, important to dissipate surface charge and prevent the build-up of static discharge. Antistatic bubble bags will not produce static charges in handling and the antistatic additive is guaranteed for 6 months.

Choose bubble wrap bags with a self-seal adhesive strip and secure the contents in seconds. Or, buy our strip-free versions and use tape or heat sealers to close. Order your wholesale bubble wrap bags today! We also stock recyclable bubble bags for the eco responsible, these are recognisable in a distinctive green colour. If you need further help or advice, talk to our Packaging Specialists to find the right bubble for your business on 0800 542 44 28.

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Recycled bubble bags with adhesive strip
Recycled bubble bags with adhesive strip
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Antistatic bubble bags
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30% Recycled Bubble Bags
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30% Recycled Bubble Bags with Self Adhesive Strip
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30% Recycled Bubble Bags with Self Adhesive Strip
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