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Bubble Wrap Packaging

Protect your products with bubble wrap from the packaging experts

When it comes to safeguarding your products from damage, RAJA offers the perfect solution with our bubble wrap packaging. Provide the best packaging protection possible with a complete range of solutions.

Why Choose Bubble Wrap?

Choosing the right protection is essential when packaging goods and Bubble Wrap is often the best option, but knowing when and why you should use it instead of other void fill options is key

When packaging products, bubble wrap is the go-to choice for many to protect fragile items during transit. Its superior cushioning properties make it perfect for safeguarding delicate items like glassware, ceramics, electronics, or sensitive equipment from impacts. It absorbs shocks effectively with its air-filled bubbles.

However other protective products such as Foam packaging, shines when shape retention and surface protection are paramount. Custom-cut foam inserts or trays securely package items such as jewellery, precision instruments, or automotive parts, providing stability and guarding against scratches. For extra protection, materials like void fill excel at minimizing movement within packages and are commonly used for lightweight items such as clothing, books, or non-fragile goods.

If the item you’re sending needs to be properly protected in transit, nine times out of ten, bubble wrap should be your first port of call

How to Use Bubble Wrap

Proper protection will really shine when you know how to use bubble wrap the right way. We have here a quick 6 step guide to make sure you really make the most from your wrap

  • Select the Right Bubble Wrap

    First, choose a bubble wrap roll that suits the size and fragility of your item, the size of the bubble will be a key point to consider here
  • Prepare a Clear Surface

    It may sound obvious but ensuring the wrap is tight and there’s no space for movement is key to maximising your protection
  • Wrap Your Item

    Wrap your item in bubble wrap, ensuring that the bubbles face inward and make contact with the product.
  • Secure with Packaging Tape

    Use packaging tape to tightly secure the bubble wrap around your product, remember it has to be snug for maximum cover!
  • Provide Extra Protection if needed

  • If there’s still some loose space, line your cardboard box with additional bubble wrap for added cushioning and gently slide your wrapped item inside.
  • Seal the Box

    Close and seal the box using appropriate packaging materials to make sure it’s full sealed up

Following these steps will make sure your bubble wrap is doing it’s job and protecting your products in transit!

Is Bubble Wrap Recyclable?

At RAJA, we strive to offer eco-friendly options for everything, including bubble wrap packaging. Many of our bubble wrap rolls are made from at least 30% recycled content and can be recycled to make protective packaging more sustainable. Additionally, we provide paper bubble wrap made from 100% recycled content, offering the same strength and protection but with added eco-friendly benefits. Please note that specific types of bubble wrap may not be suitable for general recycling, so it's advisable to check with local authorities for recycling guidelines.

How do I choose the Right Bubble Wrap?

Consider the size of the bubbles when selecting bubble wrap for your items. Smaller bubbles (9.5mm radius) are ideal for lightweight or fragile products, providing supple support for intricate spaces and protecting against surface scratches. Larger bubbles (up to 32mm in diameter) are suitable for bulkier or heavy-duty items, offering optimal coverage and cushioning. If you want some help, we have a complete bubble wrap guide available on our blog.

RAJA provides a wide range of packaging solutions to ensure safe and effective distribution of your products. Explore our diverse selection of eco-responsible protective packaging, scratch-resistant edge and corner protectors, and reliable packaging machines across the website!

When it comes to safeguarding your products from damage, RAJA offers the perfect solution with our bubble wrap packaging. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your items are protected.

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Save £££'s with our unmissable half AND full truck load offer
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