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Bottle & Mug Packaging

Package, protect and present with mug and bottle packaging

Equip your business and products with their very own specialist packaging. Choose from a range of bottle and mug packaging to best protect contents when they’re on the move. Designed for ensuring the safety of products, specialised cardboard boxes are also great as gift packaging at point of sale.
If you’re a retail or ecommerce business, these cardboard boxes are perfect for when fragile items are regularly sent through the post as they help to cut down on product damages and customer returns. That means you can reduce costs by adding dedicated packaging for postal bottles and mugs. At RAJA our reliable mailing boxes are a great addition to any company that sends delicate, high-value items where quality is paramount.
Bottle Boxes – For wine and alcohol merchants, ensuring you have the right packaging for shipping glass bottles is essential for delivering your items to your customers safely. Great for both content security and presentation, you can choose the best suited bottle packaging box at RAJA. Or you can increase your range while improving your customer’s experience by offering bottle gift packaging. A great way to establish your brand as one of quality. We even have boxes that can contain up to 12 bottles, which helps you to cut down on packaging when customers order in bulk.
Mugs – When you need to send fragile items like ceramics to customers, a safe mug packaging box is an easy way to ensure they reach their destination undamaged. Choose the Easifold fast assembly postal box to reduce lead times to your customers, or pick the b>Deluxe mug postal box that feature an automatic crash lock base. Simple and effective, you can even offer them as mug gift packaging for mail orders so that they arrive safe.
Bottle Bags – If you’re selling over the counter and want to make glass bottles safe to carry while your customers continue to shop, then adding a selection of laminated or paper bottle gift bags can be a great fit while ensuring your brand is recognised on the high street.
Become eco-responsible!
It’s important that you’re doing your part for the planet. There are plenty of recyclable postal packaging to choose from, like our One piece bottle boxes with integral dividers or a Kraft paper bottle gift bags. So you can maintain your corporate responsibilities while keeping your products safe. Why not have a look at how we decide what makes an eco-responsible product, and what labels we use to help you identify them.
Everything in one location!
We have everything you could need to ensure products reach their destination safely. Label your packages properly with printed packaging labels to ensure couriers and delivery drivers are aware of any handling needs. That means that you can notify others when contents are fragile or if they need to be handled with care.
Equipping your company with a stock of packaging tape your business can ensure your boxes are properly sealed and ready to be sent out. Plus having plenty on hand means that you will always be ready to send packages to customers. That means you will be prepared for peak seasons all the time.
The brand committed to you!
At RAJA, we are dedicated to ensuring your business is a success. Protect products during transit, speed up packaging line, and reduce customer lead times with our reliable mug and bottle packaging.
Order online easily by adding to your basket straight away. Or you can speak to our team of packaging experts by calling 0800 542 44 28 for specialist advice and guidance.

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