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Gift Boxes

Send your client or customer gifts in style with our range of gift boxes.

If you’re looking to separate yourself from your competition, then it’s worth investing in a robust gifting service. Our variety of luxury gift boxes can elevate your business’ gifting proposition as they give your items a premium and professional look.

Elevate your products with our high-end gift boxes

Give your items a premium look with our sleek, professional gift boxes. Whether you need to send thoughtful client gifts or wrap up products for your customers to give to their loved ones, presenting your products beautifully ensures your products are seen in the right light.

Our versatile gift boxes are suitable for almost any product, from food to electronics. Choose from different sizes, fastening styles, and colours to complement your business and products.

Gift boxes with lids make it easier to get items in and out of their packaging. They are perfect for items that should be opened on a certain side, such as a cupcake gift box. They’re also useful for presenting soft, bulky items such as clothing that would be difficult to slide into a box without crumpling. We stock a selection of gift boxes with lids, including Kraft lid gift boxes, lidded jewellery gift boxes and magnetic gift boxes.

The right gift box packaging also helps to protect your products in transit, ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition. Use void fill, such as shredded crinkle cut paper, tissue paper or wood wool, to reduce movement within gift boxes, and prevent damage to your items.

How to fold a gift box?

There are many different ways to construct a gift box, depending on the style of the box. If you package a lot of gifts, you will probably have your own time-saving technique. But if you’re not sure, many of our gift boxes are quick and easy to assemble.

Small gift boxes, such as our simple and elegant pillow gift boxes, are ideal for sending trinkets, jewellery and cosmetics. Shipped flat, all you need to do is bend the edges of the pre-folded box in to assemble your gift box. Or if you need a small, plain box to send items to your customers, a white RAJA lid gift box could be just right. To assemble, simply hinge the box into shape and tuck in the flaps. Our magnetic gift boxes are incredibly quick and easy to assemble too, simply remove the protective sticky tape covering and lift the sides - that’s it!

Can I recycle gift boxes?

Yes, but it depends on the box. At RAJA, we are committed to helping you find eco-responsible solutions for your packaging. Our cardboard gift boxes are recyclable, and many are themselves recycled. Once they have finished with them, your customers can pop them in with their usual cardboard recycling. For our magnetic gift boxes, you’ll need to remove the magnet first before recycling.

Look out for our eco-responsible product labels that tell you if a product is recyclable, sustainably sourced or biodegradable. You can find out more about how we decide on these labels in our blog post here.

For more advice on how to present your products, or what packaging might work best for your business, get in touch today for a chat with our packaging specialists.

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