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Gift wrap

Add the finishing touch to presents and packages with our range of gift wrap!

Gift wrap is a simple, impactful way to let your products shine. Whether you're dispatching gift wrap online, or wrapping gifts for your customers in store, we supply everything you need. Our gift wrap range includes contemporary colourful gift wrap, understated Kraft paper, and transparent gift wrap to showcase your products.

How to wrap a gift professionally?

If you're looking to improve the presentation of your products, then using gift wrap correctly is important. Customers will likely notice if your gift wrapping is more sticky tape than paper, so what's the right way to wrap a gift?

First, you will need to find the right gift box for your item if it's not in a box already. Loose items are harder to wrap, and the end result will be less professional. We stock gift boxes to suit almost any product, including more unusually shaped items such as wine bottles, mugs and jewellery. Once your item is in its box, ready for gift wrap.

Wrapping gifts perfectly every time relies on keeping some tension in the paper as you wrap, to ensure a tight fit. You should fold seams of the paper under and use double sided tape to create neat edges. Start with the long sides, and then move on to the short ends of the box. Fold in the corners to create a neat finish.

Gift wrapping your products is a chance to inject some personality into your product presentation. Take inspiration from your shop, brand theme or products themselves to create beautiful, professionally presented items. Here are some gift wrapping ideas to kick start your creative process:

Use ribbons and raffia to create luxury gift wrapping

Ribbons, bows and raffiaare a traditional, but still eye-catching way to jazz up gift wrapping paper. Well-wrapped gifts use hidden tape to keep the wrapping neat, but adding a ribbon on top gives a sense of charm and nostalgia that customers love.

Add texture, beautiful scent, and delight by adding botanical flourishes to gift wrap

Our natural Kraft paper is perfect for gift wrapping organic food and cosmetics. Give Kraft paper wrapped gifts a thoughtful, handmade touch by adding foliage offcuts, dried flowers or seasonal cinnamon sticks to your wrapped items. Tuck them into twine or raffia ribbon to secure them to your gift wrap.

Gift wrapping can be a time-intensive business. Keeping a handy gift wrap dispenser behind the till or at your workstation will help you pull together a professional quality gift wrapped item quickly and easily.

Can gift wrap be recycled?

The majority of our gift wrapping paper is recyclable - just look out for our green eco-responsible label. If your gift wrap contains added materials, such as glitter, then it may not be recyclable.

If you're looking for eco-friendly gift packaging, we've rounded up our eco gift packaging products that meet our eco-responsible standards to make it easier for you to make the switch to greener packaging. We supply bespoke, customised gift packaging too, get in touch with our packaging experts for more information.

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