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Shrink wrapping equipment

Take your product packaging to the next level with our selection of shrink wrapping equipment

Use a shrink wrap heat gun in your workplace to wrap your pallets or items quickly and effortlessly. Our selection of shrink wrap rolls are compatible with our range of equipment, so you can pick whatever suits your business. Utilising a shrink wrap gun will maximise the efficiency of shrink wrapping which will save you time as you protect and cover your large or heavy-duty items. At RAJA, our pallet wrapping equipment is designed to help you safely add an extra protective layer to your pallets, giving your products extra security.

How does it work and what should I use?

A shrink wrap sealer and heat gun, as the name suggests, applies heat to shrink wrap. By doing so, the composition of the plastic material shrinks and clings around the contours of your products. That includes awkward shapes such as ladders or furniture. However, you can’t just apply heat nonchalantly. Shrink wrap is extremely flammable, and therefore it’s crucial you avoid any naked flames that aren’t part of specialist equipment.

At RAJA, we have a selection of shrink wrap accessories that are designed to help you wrap products safely and securely. Our flame-free RIPACK 3000 heat gun helps you to avoid any risk of burning as the flame is never in contact with the nozzle, and as a result it fans out over a larger area to increase the speed of the wrapping. Designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, it’s ideal for when you are frequently shrink wrapping products.

On the other side, if you only use shrink wrap once or twice a day, our Economy heat gun is a cost-effective alternative. A robust and reliable heat gun, it helps you achieve all the advantages of shrink wrapping but at a smaller cost.

If you need a complete shrink wrap system, our heat gun and trolley sets provide extra mobility. Perfect for larger warehouses and workplace environments, you can easily carry around your propane cannisters from A to B. Ideal for reducing user fatigue while for manoeuvring your equipment.

What else is there?

Heat guns aren’t the only way to utilise shrink wrap, although they are perfect for palletisation. To help you speed up warehouse operations, we also have a large range of packaging machines. Specifically, our range of shrink wrap heat sealers are ideal for when you need to wrap smaller products, like DVDs. For manually wrapping high-value or bulkier products, using a shrink wrap machine offers a low-energy consumption and gives you an automated long-term solution.

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Economy heat shrink film gun
Economy heat shrink film gun
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£481.00ex. VAT
RIPACK 3000 heat shrink film gun and trolley kit
RIPACK 3000 heat shrink film gun and trolley kit
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£960.00ex. VAT
RIPACK 3000 heat shrink film gun
RIPACK 3000 heat shrink film gun
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From  £961.00ex. VAT