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Shrink Wrap Equipment

Everything you could need to shrink wrap your products!

From desktop sealers to large scale shrink wrap machines, we have everything you could need to make the most of your shrink wrap operation.

While it provides a unique form fitting benefit over stretch wrap, shrink wrap comes with its own required tools to get the most out of the product. The most prominent being the need to use heat in order to achieve the desired shrink-wrapped effect. We have everything you could need to shrink wrap your goods right here!

How do I apply heat to Shrink Wrap?

Once you’ve chosen the roll, you need to apply heat safely, which you do by utilising a specialist shrink wrap heater called a heat gun.  Utilising a heat gun for shrink wrapping is a safe and effective method, as these tools are designed to control temperatures ideal for shrinking the wrap without causing damage.

It’s important that its only heat used and ensure that no flammable materials are nearby when using the heat gun, as shrink wrap is extremely flammable.

Choosing shrink wrap equipment according to your needs is important, a larger scale operation will find the most use from a shrink wrap machine while a smaller operation will make do with a heat sealer and heat gun. Whatever your business needs, here at RAJA we will help find the solution that'll work for you.

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