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Storage Containers & Picking Bins

Organise your warehouse or office for maximum efficiency with our selection of storage bins

Ensure secure storage of your products and equipment in your warehouse or office by utilising a wide selection of storage bins and boxes. With various sizes, materials, and colours available, you have plenty of options to suit your business needs, whether you're storing clothing, food produce, or tools. Our industrial storage bins are designed to accommodate almost any type of product.

If you need to optimise your available space, consider our pick and louvered storage bins and shelves. For efficient movement of products between different locations, our stackable storage containers provide an ideal solution. Installing a system of storage bins in your workplace makes it easier for your colleagues to find and retrieve items quickly, particularly during busy periods. Many of our plastic bins feature an open-top design, further reducing search times.

What should my bin be made out of?

When setting up a workplace, warehouse, or stockroom, the choice of materials for your storage solution is crucial. For a cost-effective and eco-responsible option, our sturdy cardboard storage bins are ideal for storing lighter or loose items and provide a convenient storage solution when you're in a pinch.

If you require more durability and resistance to the elements, our range of plastic storage bins is perfect for colour-coordinating a busy workplace. We also offer high-density polypropylene bins that are designed for cold or warm environments. Lightweight bins are an excellent choice for organising loose items. Refer to our guide on the differences between cardboard and plastic storage bins for more information on how they can benefit your business.

Efficient Space Utilisation

When space is limited, setting up a storage bin rack or a louvre panel enables secure storage of a wide variety of items in wall-mountable storage bins and containers. This allows you to utilise otherwise unused space in smaller rooms. Additionally, we offer a variety of shelving units to provide even more storage options.

For industrial environments, stackable containers are available to reduce clutter and mess. If you need to free up space during reorganisation, our nestable storage bins keep items in one place while being easily stored. To handle bulkier items without occupying excessive floor space, consider large collapsible storage bins that fold flat when not in use. For added protection, plastic storage containers with lids ensure the security of your items.

You Can Rely on Us!

Our packaging experts are here to help you find the right storage solution for your business. Order now for next-day delivery. If you have any difficulties with your order or require further information, please refer to our comprehensive FAQ section for additional advice.

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