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Unfortunately, solving the problem isn’t as simple as banning all single-use plastic. Over time, the majority of plastic that enters our oceans is broken down into tiny microplastics. Of the estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, 92% are microplastics which cannot be recycled.

Packaging Materials

These now make up the largest market for plastic and globally account for almost half of the plastic waste.xiii With this in mind, businesses can look for more environmentally friendly protective packaging options, such as Eco Flo.

Reusable shopping bags

Take care to remember your reusable bags when going to the supermarket. Every little really does help!

Reusable water bottle

Globally almost a million plastic drinks bottles are sold every minutexiv - but many cafes now offer free water refills for your reusable bottles. You can visit the Refill website, or download the free App, to find out where this is offered near you.

Reusable coffee cups

Take your own cup and get money off your morning coffee. In contrast, some businesses are increasing the charge if you don't bring your own cup.

Say no to straws

Ask for your drink without a straw, if you need one use paper - or buy a reusable one.

Get savvy with recyclables

Be aware of which plastic products are recyclable. Plastic ready meal trays are coloured black to make the food look more appealing, but this colour means the plastic cannot be recycled. The easy solution is to read the label to check if the tray can be recycled, and if not, find a different brand that can be.