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RAJA and the environment

  • Have you taken any action to reduce the ecological impact of your paper catalogues?

    Yes we have. We use non-chlorinated paper supplied from sustainable forests and reduced the grammage of paper by 20% between 2006 and 2008. In 2007 we changed from 5 to 3 annual editions of our general catalogue and partnered with printers approved by “Imprim’Vert”, and in 2014 we reduced this to 2 per year.

  • Do you recycle your own packaging?

    Yes, we do. In our warehouse we constantly recycle any used packaging and reuse it where possible, reducing superfluous wastage. Since 2008, our warehouse has recycled over 880 tonnes of cardboard and plastic.

  • Will you advise on environmentally better alternatives when I buy packaging from you?

    We have included logos next to our products which will help you identify those which are better for the environment and also guide you in the best way to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste. Also our sales team will be able to offer a more environmentally responsible alternative within the product range where possible.

Our products

  • Do RAJA boxes contain recycled contents?

    Yes, we produce recycled cardboard boxes. Our range of cardboard boxes contain a minimum of 75% recycled contents. They have a kraft finish on the exterior whilst the walls and interior are entirely recycled.

  • Do RAJA boxes pollute the environment?

    Our boxes do not pollute as they do not contain any heavy metal products, in line with the European Directive 94/62/CE. Therefore they can be recycled or disposed of responsibly.

  • Are environmentally responsible alternative products more expensive, or lower quality?

    No. We have ensured that we have not compromised on quality or price so you can enjoy the same high standard of product from us.

  • How many of your packaging products are recyclable?

    All of our cardboard boxes are recyclable. Also some of our bags, bubble wrap, paper rolls, tapes, documents enclosed envelopes, pallets, storage bins, hand wipes and copier paper are suitable for recycling.

  • Do you have biodegradable products?

    Yes we do. You will see the “Biodegradable” sign next to some of our products such as bubble wrap, flo-pak and raffia.

Regulations and Symbols

  • What does ISPM15 mean?

    It is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures. Its aim is to reduce the spread of destructive organisms from one continent to another. This standard is applicable for all wooden packaging thicker than 6 mm that is destined for countries outside of the European Community.

  • How do wooden pallet boxes comply with the ISPM15 export regulations?

    The wood of packaging and pallets must be fumigated in Methylene Bromide or treated at high temperature (56°C for 30 minutes). All suitable packaging is then indelibly marked, in the form of a feather logo.

  • What does the “RESY” symbol mean?

    A black Möbius Loop with the word “RESY” in the middle is a symbol placed on all paper and cardboard packaging items that are disposed of or recycled under government’s objectives for reducing waste. These products can be recycled in the appropriate recycling streams.

* RAJA is a member of FSC® France (Forest Stewardship Council), which encourages the responsible management of forest according to the 3 principles of sustainable development - social, ecological and economic.