RAJA and the environment

RAJA has been proactive for 65 years!

Packaging and the environment are strategic issues for the RAJA group and we have an active policy of reducing our impact on the environment. Find out how we do this:

An eco-responsible purchasing policy

As a distribution company RAJA’s purchasing policy is responsible for:

Our priorities

Buying as close to home as possible in Europe to limit CO² emissions related to procurement.

of our packaging is purchased in Europe

Choose our eco-responsible products: they are certified by an eco-symbol that shows they reduce waste, save raw materials, save energy or are recyclable.

To easily identify our eco-responsible products look out for THIS LOGO

A strong commitment that is part of our DNA!

For 65 years providing innovations and choices combining ecology and economy.

The RAJA Group was built on the principles of the circular economy which consists of reducing waste by proposing packaging requiring less material or packaging using recycled materials which can themselves be recycled or reused.

More environmentally friendly distribution

RAJA's commitment is reflected in our desire to limit C0² emissions.

We expect our logistics partners to make all the necessary investments to renew or adapt their delivery vehicles to the latest UK standards and that they invest in route planning to minimise the number of miles travelled to reduce the environmental impact of our deliveries.

RAJA's commitment is also to inform and communicate by limiting our ecological footprint as much as possible

Inform and communicate whilst lowering our ecological footprint.
• By reducing the number of catalogues mailed and the tonnage of paper used: 20% less catalogues printed since 2013.
• Using paper from sustainable managed forests (FSC, PEFC) and printed with Blue Angel mineral inks by ISO 14001 certified printers.
• By developing our tools and services on the Internet.

Our catalogues are sent without plastic film; we now use bio-based compostable film or no film at all.

Action programme for Women & the Environment

Launched for the first time in September 2015 the Women & Environment action programme, supported by our partnership products, continues again this year.
Did you know from the start of the programme, €1.6 million was raised to support 47 charitable projects and help more than 8,000 women?

A foundation committed to support women

Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, CEO of the RAJA group, has always considered that the role of the company is not only economic, but also social and societal. It is with this conviction that she created in 2006 her Foundation to help women and defend - beyond her company - the values of solidarity, respect and equality between men and women.

Photo credit: Du Pain & Des Roses