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How Fast Can Deliveries Get?

800px-HTS_Systems_FedEx_Express_delivery_vanWe all know the feeling: ordering something and having a long wait for it to arrive. Before the internet became so widely used and the fast-food way of life truly began, there was a time when a delivery (usually ordered over the phone) would come in a matter of weeks or months, rather than days or minutes.  Not only that, but there was always that bizarrely ambiguous period in which the item could turn up – something like 4-8 weeks. Nowadays a month-long window for your parcel to get to you seems absurd. What variables could possibly have influenced a package to arrive one month after the order the first time, and two months after the order the next? What changes are there that result in a four week difference?

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Ask the Experts: Could Volvo’s Roam Concept Revolutionise Home Delivery?

In late February the internet was awash with speculation around Volvo’s sneak preview of their pioneering home delivery concept Roam. Rajapack gathers some expert opinions on whether Roam could really revolutionise the way we receive our online shopping.  

It’s an all too familiar sight for many of us, coming home to stumble over that cardboard slip containing the words “Sorry we missed you”. As well as being an awkward inconvenience, it’s also a problem that creates a huge financial burden on the courier businesses, estimated to have cost the industry £820 million over the last year alone. Volvo believes its latest Roam concept, which was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year, could be the answer to all of these troubles.

The Technology

Volvo's Roam

Roam works by utilising Volvo’s existing ‘On Call’ technology, transforming a customer’s car into a parcel drop off point and by doing so removing any need to alter your schedule around expected deliveries. Couriers are provided with a digital key that allows access to the car’s GPS co-ordinates, colour, registration plate and grants one time entry to the car, allowing the courier to drop off the goods. Once deposited, the car then re-locks and sends an acknowledgment message to the customer, notifying them their parcels have been delivered.

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