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During a particularly difficult and complex economic and public health climate, it is my pleasure to update you on the ways RAJA has improved our offering to meet your changing business needs.

To meet all your company’s needs, we’re offering more choice!

For several years now, RAJA has been consistently enriching and diversifying its offer to provide you with a unique choice of packaging, and also a wide selection of industrial equipment, office supplies, hygiene products and safety equipment. This means you can be more responsive and save money by grouping your purchases.

In 2019 and 2021, the RAJA Group acquired major companies specialising in the distribution of office supplies and furniture; major industry players in 10 European countries. When you need to equip your workspaces, you can call on their expertise and benefit from the quality guarantees that they will offer you. For more information about our brands click here.

Innovation for even more eco-responsibility!

The ecological transition is underway, and all the teams within the RAJA Group are working hard to improve in all areas of our business. In particular, major eco-responsible product innovations have been added to our range. You can find them in our catalogue or online and try them today!

Guaranteeing you the best service, it’s easy!

As you know, the current period is characterised by rising raw material prices and supply difficulties. In this context, we are working hard to continue to guarantee you the best competitiveness and the best quality of service: advice to guide your choice, availability in stock and fast delivery.

You can always, and now more than ever, count on us!

Thank you for your continued support,


Tom Rodda
Managing Director, RAJA UK