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Paper Pallet Wrap

A new Eco way to secure your pallets tightly!

Protecting freight is always going to be necessary in the modern world, but does it always need to be plastic doing the job of holding the pallet together?

While still a developing industry, paper pallet wrap is becoming a fast-growing alternative to traditional stretch wrap.  We’re always trying to find the most environmentally responsible packaging options here at RAJA and paper pallet wrap is one of the new products we’re begun to advocate for. 

Some benefits of paper wrap:

  • Made from 100% kraft paper, it eliminates the need for single use plastic!
  • Recyclable – paper wrap offers businesses an eco-friendly choice as it can be recycled entirely.
  • Protection – Provides solid protection and moulds to shape, enhancing the strength & rigidity of its fibres.

As it is still developing, it may not be suitable for all industries, factors such as weight, fragility of goods and environmental conditions during transportation need to be considered.  Please contact our team of packaging specialists and see if they can make the switch to paper products to help save the planet.

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