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Document Enclosed Wallets

Safely send invoices and receipts with air-tight document enclosed wallets

Indispensable for safeguarding invoices and essential documents during transit, our exceptional 'documents enclosed' wallets offer a practical solution. These wallets double as both document holders and packaging labels, adhering seamlessly to cardboard, plastic, and stretch film.

Accelerate packing and unpacking procedures while communicating effectively. Our user-friendly wallets deliver clear advice notes alongside your packages. This eliminates the need for package opening, preserving both contents and packaging integrity.

Are Varied Sizes Available?

At RAJA, our commitment to diversity ensures a comprehensive product range to cater to your business requirements. Opt for our popular A5 and A4 wallet sizes, available in both plastic and paper variants. Designed to accommodate documents without the need for folding, these wallets are slightly larger than the document size, ensuring comfortable insertion.

Discover the ideal size to accommodate your documents and logistical necessities. Purchase in bulk to maintain ample stock levels, even during peak operational periods.

Paper or Plastic?

Embrace eco-conscious choices with RAJA's expanded range. Choose from paper or biodegradable wallets, to help your business with their most sustainable practices. Our paper documents enclosed wallets and labels are sustainably sourced and recyclable alongside the cardboard they are attached to making them a brilliant eco option.

Alternatively, select the classic transparent plastic wallet, featuring robust adhesive backing for enduring adhesion. These wallets are resistant to oil and water damage, ensuring durability. The original clear plastic 'documents enclosed' wallets make for quick and convenient identification. Their transparent finish minimises package handling, allowing you to see vital logistical details at a glance. These durable, waterproof wallets may not be recyclable but with their resilient design, you can encourage customers to repurpose them as regular document pockets for office supplies.

Need something specific? Get in touch with our in-house packaging experts for guidance, ensuring a confident and well-informed purchase. You can trust that you've discovered the perfect labels for your business needs!

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