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Let our pallet, platform, and sack trucks do the heavy lifting for you

Let our pallet, platform and sack trucks do the heavy lifting for you

When it comes to handling and transporting heavy boxes, having reliable assistance is essential. That's why RAJA offers a diverse range of sack, platform, and pallet trucks to make your job easier. We have recently expanded our warehouse equipment to also offer a range of dolliesroll containers and cages and lifting equipment.  Each of these ranges offers something different to cater for a diverse range of needs from moving large quantities or heavy goods to stacking shelves, our new product offering will help strengthen warehouse operations.

With our trucks, you can effortlessly move from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. Rest assured that you're investing in quality equipment that will withstand the demands of your business.

What types of trucks are there?

Sack Trucks

Designed for transporting heavy loads, sack trucks feature a sturdy frame with a toe plate to support the weight of the items. With their ergonomic design, they allow for easy manoeuvrability and are particularly useful in navigating tight spaces. Sack trucks are available in different sizes and weight capacities to accommodate your specific requirements.

Platform Trucks

Platform trucks provide a larger loading area than sack trucks, making them ideal for transporting bulky or oversized items. These trucks feature a flat platform with handles for effortless pushing and steering. With their robust construction, platform trucks can handle heavy loads with ease.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks, also known as pump trucks or pallet jacks, are specifically designed for moving palletized goods. They are equipped with forks that can be inserted under pallets, allowing you to lift and transport them efficiently. Pallet trucks come in various configurations, including manual, electric, and high-lift options, to suit different load capacities and operational needs.

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