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Polythene Mailing Bags

Your guide to protecting products with our polythene postal bags and plastic mailing bags

Our extensive selection of polythene mailing bags offers retailers, e-commerce businesses, and mail order companies a variety of options to ensure product safety during shipping.

Plastic Mailing Bags for Waterproof Covering

Our plastic mailing bags and polythene postal bags can be used independently or as waterproof covers for postal boxes and bags sent through the mail. All our mailing bags feature a tamper-proof peel-and-seal strip for added security and are suitable for sending products via Royal Mail or courier services. If you need to discreetly deliver sensitive items, our totally opaque coloured mailing bags or grey polythene mailing bags are the perfect solution. Alternatively, our clear postal packaging bags allow your mailshot to make a statement upon arrival.

Black, Grey, and Coloured Plastic Mailing Bags

Designed to withstand tough conditions and resist water, our black, grey, and coloured plastic mailing bags are ideal for dispatching soft goods, textiles, or a variety of online or catalogue products. These opaque polythene mailing bags come with a reliable adhesive peel-and-seal strip for a secure closure, acting as a barrier against tampering. Available in regular sizes suitable for brochures and small clothing items, as well as extra-large sizes for mailing boxed or oversized products, including heavy-duty courier sacks.

Clear Polythene Mailing Bags

For presentation purposes, our lightweight clear polythene mailing bags are specifically designed for sending brochures, leaflets, and documents. They feature an easy-to-use peel-and-seal adhesive strip. The smaller size accommodates A5 leaflets or printed items, while the larger size is perfect for A4 brochures or catalogues. These lightweight polythene envelopes also help keep postal costs down.

Clear Polythene Mailers with Write-On Panels

When you want your mailings to be easily identified, our clear polythene mailing bags with write-on panels allow for effortless addressing. They feature a convenient peel-and-seal strip for quick and secure sealing. Available in two sizes, with either a horizontal or vertical write-on panel, both options fit within the large letter Royal Mail postal size category. Manufactured from lightweight waterproof polythene, these bags provide a cost-effective solution for protecting your items during shipping.

Plastic Mailing Bags with Handles

If you're shipping clothing, soft goods, or textiles, our plastic mailing bags with integrated carry handles are the perfect solution. Manufactured from tear-proof lightweight polythene, our grey mailing bags feature a self-seal strip for a secure closure, acting as both a security measure and evidence of tampering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are plastic mailing bags made from?

All our plastic mailing bags are made from various grades of low-density polythene, ranging from lightweight 38 microns to tear-resistant 55 microns.

Can I purchase mailing bags made from recycled polythene?

Yes, we offer recycled mailing bags made from 100% recycled polythene, which are themselves recyclable.

What about plastic mailing bags for heavy or sharp items?

For heavyweight or sharp items, we recommend trying our Polytuf tough polythene mailing bags. Made from 70-micron polythene, these bags are 100% waterproof and exceptionally durable.

Choose the Right Mailing Bags for Your Needs

Our packaging specialists can help you find the perfect solution to meet your business's requirements. Whether you need a comprehensive e-commerce mailing solution or simple office supplies, count on our expertise. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our staff is ready to assist you.

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