Polythene mailing bags

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Protect products with our polythene postal bags and plastic mailers

Our huge range of polythene postal bags provides retailers, e-commerce and mail order companies all the options they need to protect products in the mail.

Rajapack’s plastic mailing bags and polythene postal bags can be used on their own or as waterproof covers for boxes and bags being sent by post. All postal bags have a tamper-proof peel and seal strip for security and are suitable for sending products by Royal Mail or courier. Sensitive items can be delivered discreetly in totally opaque mail bags, whilst clear postal bags allow your mailshot to make a statement on the doormat. For heavyweight or sharper items, Rajapack stock Polytuf mail bags. Whatever your needs, our packaging specialists can help you find the right solution.

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Silver plastic mailing bags
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From £45.47 ex. VAT
Blue plastic mailing bags
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Black plastic mailing bags
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From £41.80 ex. VAT
Polytuf opaque mailing bags
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From £46.65 ex. VAT