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Add a waterproof layer to products in the post with our plastic mailing bags

Rajapack stock a wide range of polythene mailing bags designed to seal and protect products sent through the post. Known as dispatch sacks, postal bags, or mail bags, these durable bags come with a peel and seal strip that easily highlights any attempt to tamper with the contents. This makes them ideal for e-commerce or mail order, and shipping clothes, bedding and fabrics.

Our plastic mailing bags can also be used to provide a waterproof cover for postal boxes, which are shipped in bad weather or arduous conditions. For posting promotional flyers or brochures, choose our clear bags. Or for confidential items, choose our range of opaque bags. We also stock reusable bags that make it easier to return items in the original packaging. Talk to our specialists about your packaging today.


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Silver plastic mailing bags
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Blue plastic mailing bags
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Black plastic mailing bags
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Polytuf opaque mailing bags
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