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Jiffy Bags & Bubble Envelopes

Protect your products in the mail with our Jiffy bags and padded envelopes

When it comes to mailing your products, protecting them is paramount. Our Jiffy bags and padded envelopes provide exceptional strength and cushioning. These lightweight envelopes are synonymous with reliable protection in the mailing industry. Designed to withstand shocks during transit and storage, they offer tear and puncture resistance, ensuring your items arrive in excellent condition. With our extensive range of Jiffy bags, you can easily find the perfect postal bag to suit your product's needs.

Discover Non-Jiffy Bubble Envelopes for Industrial Protection

If you require additional protection for industrial items, we also offer a range of non-Jiffy bubble envelopes. These envelopes provide robust safeguarding for your valuable products during transit with protection comparable to the biggest brand.

Are your Jiffy bags recyclable?

One of the standout features of our Jiffy bag selection is their eco-responsible design. They are 100% recyclable, offering a sustainable packaging solution. Our Jiffy bags are entirely plastic-free, allowing for easy recycling alongside your paper goods. While they may not possess the same resilience as their plastic-lined counterparts, their recyclability is a significant benefit that can be passed on to your customers. The eco-yellow paper appearance, combined with robust protection and effortless recycling, makes these mailers the perfect choice for environmentally responsible companies.

What kinds of Jiffy bags are there?

Our selection of Jiffy bags caters to various mailing needs, ranging from large letter size to medium parcel size. They offer a professional and environmentally friendly means of protecting your products during transit. For added security, opt for our Mailmiser Jiffy bags, equipped with a peel-and-stick barrier that enhances the level of protection. If you require extra strength to safeguard fragile items, our heavy-duty Jiffy bags, made from durable 120 gsm paper with strong welded sides, are the ideal choice.

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