Mail Lite® Tuff polythene mailer bags

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  • Protects against shocks and is puncture resistant
  • Lighter than a paper mailer to minimise postal costs
  • Waterproof and tear proof with peel and seal strip
  • Mail CDs, DVDs, clothing and jewellery
  • Sold in packs more

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white1502109large letter100 25.05 22.50 19.99 17.50
white1801608.5large letter100 23.35 20.99 18.67 16.30
white18026013large letter100 29.70 26.70 23.75 20.79
white24033021small parcel50 19.39 17.45 15.50 13.57
white27036025.5small parcel50 23.35 20.99 18.67 16.30
white350470415medium parcel50 36.40 32.75 29.10 25.47
Detailed description

A bubble bag with a polythene outer

The Mail Lite Tuff bubble lined envelope gives extra strength to protect against shocks, as well as being puncture resistant. Manufactured from 65 micron polyethylene it’s all round plastic construction makes it lighter than a paper mailer to minimise postal costs. These polythene postal envelopes are also waterproof and tear proof and have a peel and seal strip for easy closure.

The unique outer layer on this polythene bubble envelope makes it easy to write on and labels adhere easily. These polythene bubble envelopes are suitable for general mailings of CDs, DVDs, clothing and jewellery. The high slip bubble film inside allows for easy insertion.

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Sold in packs

Quantity Available in packs of 50 or 100 depending on the size of the mailer. Please see our discounts for 3 or more packs if you want to order in bulk.

Size and shape options These Mail Lite Tuff bags start at 150x210mm and go up to 350x470mm (internal opening x height).

Materials Made from 65 micron polyethylene with a fresh white paper finish.

Environmental information 100% recyclable

Delivery information Delivered sealed in cardboard boxes.
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