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Pallets & Pallet Protection

Stabilise and protect products in transit with top quality pallets & accessories

How do I use a pallet?

Pallets are a cornerstone of global trade, and our export-ready pallets make getting your items ready for shipping simple. If you are sending multiple heavy items, pallet delivery is likely to be the safest and cheapest option.

To ship your items on a pallet, first you need to pack your boxes correctly, ensuring there is adequate padding and no gaps. Next, stack them so that they fit the dimensions of the pallet – pallet boxes ready-made to fit onto standard Euro or CHEP/UK pallets make this task simple.

Place heavier boxes at the bottom, and lighter ones at the top. Add carboard divider sheets between layers of boxes to stabilise the load. Once loaded, use cardboard edge protectors to strengthen the pallet load and protect the edge of your boxes. Use pallet wrap, such as shrink wrap, stretch wrap or paper stretch wrap to secure the boxes together and protect them from dirt and bad weather.

From lightweight moulded pallets to heavy duty plastic pallets, our pallets for sale are designed to help you ship products in the UK and abroad. And because all our pallets are delivered next day, you can ship on time, every time. They come in a range of sizes to suit your business needs and are designed to fit ISO containers and standard fork-lift truck arm widths.

Are your pallets eco-friendly?

All our pallets are 100% recyclable. Our moulded wood pallets are made from processed recycled waste timber. And because they don’t use nails and screws, they’re even easier to recycle. Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, our plastic pallets are also completely recyclable. Our sturdy, wooden pallets are 100% recyclable too.

For businesses looking to minimise their environmental footprint, our lightweight yet strong paper carton pallets are ideal. At 50% lighter than standard wood pallets, these export-ready pallets are made from 140gsm recycled materials and are recyclable too.

Can you burn pallet wood? The answer is it depends. Wooden pallets must be heat treated or fumigated for export. Fumigated pallets are marked with ‘MD’ (for methyl bromide) and should not be burned. However, markings can wear off older pallets, so unmarked pallets may also pose a risk. Generally, it is best to avoid burning pallets.

What Accessories are available?

Get all the palletising products you need, all in one place. We stock everything need to ship your pallets, from stretch pallet wrap, covers, dividers and other accessories.

Pallet accessories help make your palletising simpler and your packages safer. Pallet caps and trays improve the safety of your items by reducing movement in transit. Our Stakker® fibre roll cradles secure rolls and tubes, letting you stack more products per pallet – saving you time and money. For alternatives to stretch wrap, our pallet lids with restraining straps dramatically speed up the time needed to stabilise each pallet.

Whether you ship goods domestically or for global export, talk to our packaging specialists today for expert guidance on choosing the right products for your business.

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