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Stock up on white and Manilla business envelopes

If you need to send out letters, invoices, or statements as part of your business, then you need professional envelopes to keep your correspondence secure. At RAJA we stock plenty of envelopes for businesses at competitive prices, to ensure your equipped with an essential piece of stationery in sizes that suit your needs. We have everything you need from plain white business envelopes to a manilla envelope.

Equipping your business with white envelopes ensures that you constantly have a way to mail important documents to your clients or customers. With different types of closure options and mailing sizes at your disposal, it’s a perfect addition to a company’s post room. A common sight in the workplace, most companies use the typical white envelope as the cost-effective cornerstone of their postage. Simple and effective. To save on labelling costs, why not have a look at our white business envelopes with windows.

If you frequently send out mass mailings, why not have a look at our economy Manilla envelopes. These economical brown business envelopes are ideal for sending paper documents without folding them, so they arrive in perfect condition. Plus, we have different weights available to suit everything from lightweight letters to your larger documents.

Can I recycle my postage material?

At RAJA, we’re always driving to help businesses become eco-responsible. Different types of envelopes and mailing bags all vary in their recyclability. Check out our blog for more information on which envelopes and mailing bags are the most eco-friendly.

You can count on us!

Our packaging experts are on hand to help you find the right product for your business. With different business envelope sizes, our specialists can guide you towards what product would suit you and your products best.

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