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Organise or move your office with our archive and removal boxes

Whether you’re filing documents or moving to new premises, you can get all the cardboard storage boxes you need at Rajapack. You’ll find a huge range of removal and archive boxes in the collection, as well cardboard folders and files. Our in-house experts can help you find the ones that best meet your requirements.

Our stackable archive boxes are ideal for organising business documents. They’ll keep files safe from dust and dirt in storage till you need them – and have handy carry slots, so you can move them around your office or warehouse. You can also choose from a range of packing and removal boxes, including specialist wardrobe boxes for clothes and garments. So whatever you have to move, it’s easier with Rajapack.

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Double wall removal boxes
4 references

From £2.20 ex. VAT
Wardrobe removal boxes
3 references

From £7.80 ex. VAT
Removal box kit
1 reference

£67.95 ex. VAT
Single wall removal boxes
2 references

From £1.16 ex. VAT