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Self Seal Bags

Protect products with self seal bags

Thanks to their clarity, strength and convenience, self seal bags allow you to protect and present your products quickly and easily, with no-heat sealing required. Our range of self sealing bags are a hassle-free, economical way to ensure products on display are protected from moisture and dust to help them carry on looking their best.

Suitable for packaging clothing, food, stationary and many other products besides, self seal bags are a versatile packaging solution suitable for almost any business. Our self seal bags are available in a range of strengths from 40 to 100 microns and multiple sizes, so whatever items you are looking to package, RAJA can help you find the perfect fit for your products.

What types of self seal bags are there?

There are several kinds of self seal bags, including resealable zip lock bags, drawstring bags, and self seal bags with an adhesive strip.

Self-adhesive strip

Time-saving self-adhesive self seal bags make it quick and easy to protect and present your products. Simply slide your item into the bag, peel off the adhesive strip and press the edges closed to neatly seal the bag. Our polypropylene self seal bags have a crystal clear film, making them perfectly suited to displaying items in-store.

Adhesive self seal bags are ideal for packaging clothes for retail and storage, helping to protect them from dust and moisture while presenting them for sale. For e-commerce fashion businesses, simply place your item of clothing and its self seal bag inside a mailing bag for posting. Available in a range of sizes, adhesive self seal bags are also useful for neatly packaging greeting cards to display and protect them on the shop floor or for postal delivery.


Made from 50 micron polythene, our self seal drawstring bags have an expandable gusset that makes them incredibly handy for storing collections of small items, such as mechanical parts, stationary or even food thanks to their food approved rating. They also make perfect self seal craft bags, and the drawstring opening makes these bags easily reusable too.


If you need reusable self seal packaging bags that are also airtight and water resistant, zip lock bags are a solution that can save you time and help organise your stock. They are easily closed by dragging the ‘zip’ along the opening, with no need to line up the edges to click them together (as with a grip lock bag). The clear finish of these food approved bags makes it easy to identify their contents, and combined with their write-on panels, makes them the natural solution for professional kitchens and catering environments.

If you’re unsure which self seal bag is right for your products, contact our packaging specialists on 0800 542 4428 for expert advice.

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