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Foam Packaging

Protect your products from damage with our range of foam packaging

Make the right choice for protecting delicate products by incorporating versatile foam packaging into your workplace. Foam packaging is renowned for its ability to safeguard materials like glass and wood, preventing scratches and marks during storage and transit. Moreover, its smooth appearance ensures a professional presentation upon arrival at their destination. By utilizing foam packaging in your business, you can provide the reliable buffer necessary to protect your valuable products.

When even the smallest scratch can devalue your items, it's crucial to exercise extra caution. With the addition of a layer of super-soft foam, you can easily shield your products from external factors that could potentially cause damage. Our lightweight, tear-resistant foam packaging supplies are lint and dust free, ensuring optimal protection. Furthermore, due to its reduced static build-up compared to standard bubble wrap, foam packaging is the perfect choice for safeguarding electrical equipment and parts.

Which foam packaging supplies should you use?

Our range of foam packaging solutions offers versatility for nearly any type of item. Whether you require wraps, blocks, or edge and corner protectors, there's a suitable option available to you. When purchasing foam packaging, consider the different types and how they can best protect your items from damage.

Packaging Foam Sheets and Rolls:

If you frequently ship unorthodox or bulky items, pre-cut foam sheets or continuous foam rolls are ideal choices for your business. Using foam packaging rolls allows you to customize the sheet size, minimizing waste while maximizing efficiency. For convenience, our white foam packaging sheets come pre-cut to specific dimensions, saving you time. Simply grab a sheet, place it in your packaging, and seal the box as usual.

Foam Packaging Blocks:

Simple yet effective, foam blocks provide thorough securing and bracing for your products compared to sheets and rolls. Available in various sizes and shapes, they are perfect for stabilizing larger objects like tables and chairs. Should you need to adjust the size, foam blocks can be easily cut to fit your requirements. For enhanced reliability, consider our self-adhesive blocks, which can be affixed to the inside of your cartons or boxes, providing additional durability during transit.

Foam Profiles:

When transporting items with vulnerable edges, our foam edge and corner protectors offer tailored protection by securely attaching to your packaging. Choose between U corner or L profile edge protectors at RAJA to safeguard edges from potential damage.

What else do you need?

Consult our in-house packaging experts today for specialized advice on selecting the best foam packaging items to protect your valuable products. With a wide range of sizes and shapes to explore, our team can ensure you have the right materials in stock for your business. For more comprehensive information, check out our blog on the various types of foam packaging. Get in touch with us today to set up your business for success.

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