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Stretch Wrap Machines

Easily wrap your pallets with our powerful machines!

Prevent your pallets from shifting during transit by securely wrapping them with stretch wrap film. Utilizing a stretch wrap machine in your workplace not only ensures the security of your products but also speeds up your warehouse operations. 

Which machine is right for my business?

When selecting a stretch wrap machine, consider your specific requirements. For lower volumes that prioritize simplicity and speed, an entry-level semi-automatic stretch wrap machine is a viable option. These machines are easy to use, featuring a drop turntable base, automatic height sensing using a photocell, and a basic control panel for easy operator control. They are ideal for production lines that need to wrap around 50 to 150 pallets per day.

For businesses that need to wrap over 300 pallets a day, industrial stretch wrap machines are better suited. These machines require more setup than entry-level models but offer customization options to accommodate various pallet shapes and sizes found on a busy packaging line. Equipped with a detailed control panel, they provide greater flexibility.

Stretch Film

Once you've selected the right wrapping machine, it's important to ensure you have the necessary materials. Our cost-effective machine stretch film is easy to apply and available in different colours to suit your product's requirements.

Getting specialist advice

At RAJA, we have a team of packaging experts ready to assist you in finding the perfect box stretch wrapping machine. With a wide range of products and technologies available, choosing the right machine for your business can be challenging. We offer a comprehensive selection to meet your needs.  Contact our team today for more information.

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