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Get the right type of cardboard box for your business, with long, flat & adjustable boxes

Whether you’re packing products for storage, shipping or postage, our experts can help you find the right type of cardboard box. You can choose from a huge range of high quality packaging solutions, including long, flat and pallet boxes. You can even tailor your box to your product with our adjustable and telescopic cardboard boxes. We also have a selection of large cardboard boxes all sized 600mm+ to help you find the correct size box for your needs.

High quality is guaranteed at Rajapack. All our cardboard boxes are made with corrugated card manaufactured to a consistent standard to give you a tough and durable product that’s crush and burst resistant. They’re flat packed to make storage easier and can be easily assembled with packaging tape or strapping. Talk to our experts today, they can help you find the right cardboard boxes for your products, minimizing void fill and cutting postage or freight costs.

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Triple wall pallet boxes
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Double wall pallet boxes
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