Paper carrier bags

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Hand over your goods in a superior quality paper carrier bag

Paper carrier bags provide a stylish finish to every sale you make. And whether you require size, strength or simplicity, our in-house experts can help you find the right retail packaging for your business.

From bright colours to the classic brown paper carrier bag, it’s easy to get the right look for your business. You can even choose custom printed bags, to ensure your name gets noticed on the high street. Need something to hold those heavier items? Our reinforced or Kraft paper bags are made to last, while our recycled paper carrier bags are just the thing for the environmentally conscious. Give us a call and, whatever you need, we’ll help you find it today.

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Coloured Kraft paper bags
22 references

From £10.07 ex. VAT
Brown paper bags
5 references

From £23.10 ex. VAT
Mini paper bags
5 references

From £10.39 ex. VAT
Bright Kraft paper bags
28 references

From £10.07 ex. VAT