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Cardboard Envelopes & Mailers

Give your products extra protection in transit with sturdy cardboard envelopes and mailers

When it comes to sending documents through the post, there's always a risk of damage or bending during transit. By incorporating cardboard envelopes and mailers into your business's post-room, you can ensure that your products remain safe while they travel from point A to point B. We offer a wide range of cardboard and card-backed packaging materials in various sizes, providing you with numerous cost-effective options to choose from.

For items such as certificates, contracts, and important documents, our card-backed envelopes provide an extra layer of protection to ensure safe delivery. These hard envelopes are pre-printed with "Please do not bend," ensuring careful handling throughout the postal journey. To simplify your packaging process, our board-backed envelopes are available in six popular sizes.

When it comes to sending larger documents like magazines, books, or DVDs, cardboard mailers and envelopes offer an excellent solution for added protection. Designed to be flexible, they come in various options to accommodate products of different sizes. Additionally, there are multiple closure types, including peel and seal strips, to save time during sealing.

Can I recycle these mailers?

At RAJA, we're dedicated to helping businesses adopt eco-responsible practices. One of the key advantages of using cardboard or card-backed mailers and envelopes is their recyclability. Many of the products we stock are made from recycled materials, such as our Kraft Paper Mailing Bags, allowing you to secure your contents while contributing to environmental sustainability. For more information on the most eco-responsible envelope options, please refer to our blog.

Our specialists are available to assist you in selecting the best products for your business. With our wide range of white and brown cardboard envelopes and mailers, RAJA ensures that your products reach their destination safely and securely.

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