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Cast Stretch Wrap

Securely wrap products and pallets with superior quality cast stretch film

Your products security is paramount, and our cat stretch wrap is designed to meet those needs effectively.  Tailored for a variety of goods, especially lighter items, and palletised loads, it’s a trusted choice in shipping and warehouse settings.

Key benefits of Cast stretch film:

  • Appearance is glossy and transparent making this a very good choice for those needing visibility of labels and barcodes. This transparency ensures efficient handling and tracking of your goods throughout the supply chain.
  • High tear and puncture resistance making this a durable option for wrapping goods on pallets. It safeguards your products against tears and punctures maintaining their integrity during transit.
  • Consistent cling ensuring that your products are wrapped securely and minimises the risk of shifting during the shipping process.
  • Cast stretch is quiet when unwinding, making this option very appealing in busy environments.
  • If accuracy and time saving is highly important cast stretch is a better choice. Cast stretch film clings, however it does not grab which making it much easier to adjust.

From mini rolls and a selection of recycled content options or even starter kits, there is a product to suit all needs.  Additionally, our coloured stretch film provides added convenience enabling easy identification of contents of palletised goods swiftly.

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