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Tape Dispensers

Get the Job Done Faster with Top Quality Tape Dispensers

Whether you’re packaging products, sealing the boxes or marking the floors, our tape dispensers have got your workplace requirements covered.

From our convenient table top and floor tape dispensers to our practical trigger tape dispensers, we’ve got everything you need to get the job done faster with our selection of top quality tape dispensers.

Tape dispensers to suit your every need

Improve the efficiency of your packaging line with our handy tape dispensers. Saving your business time and money, our tape dispensers remove the need for manual measuring and cutting so you can get on with what matters most.

Searching for a solution to manage high volume packing? Our high-speed tape dispensers are on-hand to help make your business more efficient.

Great for everyday use, our low-noise tape dispenser is perfect for confined spaces or open-plan offices. Remember to pair it with low-noise tape for a speedy solution that’s virtually silent.

Need an industrial solution? Our heavy duty tape dispensers feature a dual-sided blade for optimal efficiency when it matters most.

Or take a look at our electric water-activated tape dispenser . This innovative all-in-one design moistens, cuts and dispensers gummed paper tape for a strong seal that deters tampering. Unsure of how this works? No problem! RAJA provides expert training and installation on this product as standard.

How does a trigger tape dispenser work?

Tape dispensers come in many shapes and sizes and can vary in the way they work. A popular choice for high volume packaging requirements, trigger tape dispensers are just one of the commonly used solutions.

  • Before you begin, make sure you’ve chosen the correct packaging tape or paper tape for your tape dispenser.
  • Find the end of your tape and position it onto the dispenser, ensuring the shiny side is facing the roller.
  • Pull back the clamp and feed some of your tape through. Then, fasten the clamp shut to secure the tape in place.
  • Remove the blade guard and roll your tape dispenser across your carton and apply a gentle amount of pressure as you do so.
  • Finish by cutting the tape using the tape dispenser and re-attach your blade guard.

It’s really that simple! Additional training and installation are available as standard for selected tape dispensers, such as our electric water activated tape dispenser.

Inventive and practicable packaging solutions with RAJA

At RAJA, we understand that your business must continue to run efficiently, which is why our innovative packaging solutions enable you to meet day-to-day challenges.

From our large selection of cardboard boxes to our packaging tape and strapping and packaging machines we have a range of solutions that help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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