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Envelopes and mailing bags

Ship your products safely and securely with high quality envelopes and postal mailing bags

RAJA can help you ship anything and everything securely. With a selection of mailing bags and envelope sizes, our packaging range can help you send a variety of product sizes and shapes easily and safely. Whether you need plastic envelope mailing bags to protect contents from the elements, or parcel bags to send non-uniform shapes like clothes, RAJA has everything you need.

What type of envelope and mailing bag should I use?

As with any business decision, you should choose the best packaging item to suit your needs. White or brown mailing envelopes are common in the workplace, with many companies using them almost every day for posting letters and documents. Or maybe your business needs the best shipping bags for clothes, or rigid “do not bend envelopes” to better protect important contents. The first, and arguably most important, step is to understand your own requirements and then choose the best fit your business. Sometimes a typical postal envelope will be enough, but knowing what other types of options are will expand your options.

Padded envelopes – Padded and bubble envelopes are ideal for e-commerce businesses, as they provide cost-effective protection for products. Perfect for sending small items through the post, padded envelopes help shield your products from the rigours of transport, while the peel and seal strip prevents dust and dirt from contaminating your contents. For further protection, RAJA also features bubble envelopes ranging across different sizes, colours, and features (including waterproof options). That means you’re covered to send anything from lightweight to heavy duty products.

Mailing & postage bags – Send non-letter products and packages by utilising small or large mailing bags. A plastic postage bag, or a polythene mailing bag, is great for adding a waterproof layer to your packages and keeping the elements away from the contents. If you’re looking to have your brand stand out from the crowd, our metallic gloss bubble bags are an appealing alternative to coloured envelopes. Or if you need something more sustainable and eco-friendly, our paper mailing bags are the perfect choice.

Cardboard envelopes - If you need a something slightly more robust, we also have hardback envelopes, which are ideal for providing extra protection and ensuring contents are not accidentally bent and damaged.

Can I recycle my postage material?

At RAJA, we’re always driving to help businesses become eco-responsible. Different types of business envelopes and mailing bags all vary in their recyclability. Check out our blog for more information on which envelopes and mailing bags are the most eco-friendly.

What else could I need?If you’re sending products like posters or maps to customers, then our range of standard and triangular postal tubes are the perfect choice. Alternatively, if you’re books regularly, you may want to consider our wrap around book boxes (sometimes known as “envelope boxes”) for quick convenience.

Personalise your delivery with custom mailing bags

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