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Envelopes and mailing bags

Ship your products safely and securely with high quality envelopes and postal mailing bags

RAJA offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to help you securely ship a wide variety of products. From mailing bags and envelopes of various sizes to protect your items, to plastic and parcel bags designed for shipping non-uniform shapes like clothing, we have everything you need.

Choosing the Right Envelope and Mailing Bag

Selecting the appropriate packaging item depends on your specific needs. White or brown mailing envelopes are commonly used in the workplace for posting letters and documents. If your business requires the best shipping bags for clothes or rigid "do not bend" envelopes to protect important contents, it's crucial to understand your requirements and choose accordingly. While a standard postal envelope may suffice, being aware of alternative options expands your possibilities.

Padded Envelopes for E-commerce Businesses

Padded and bubble envelopes offer cost-effective protection for products, making them ideal for e-commerce businesses. These envelopes safeguard small items during transport, and the peel-and-seal strip prevents dust and dirt contamination. RAJA provides bubble envelopes in various sizes, colours, and features, including waterproof options, ensuring you can send anything from lightweight to heavy-duty products.

Mailing and Postage Bags

For non-letter products and packages, consider using small or large mailing bags. Plastic postage bags or polythene mailing bags add a waterproof layer to your packages, protecting the contents from the elements. If sustainability is a priority, our paper mailing bags are an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Cardboard Envelopes for Added Protection

For added robustness, we offer hardback envelopes that provide extra protection, ensuring contents are not accidentally bent or damaged.

Can I Recycle Postage Materials?

At RAJA, we're committed to helping businesses become more eco-responsible. The recyclability of different types of business envelopes and mailing bags can vary. For more information on the most eco-friendly options, check out our blog.

What if an envelope isn’t right?

If you're shipping something unusually shaped like posters or maps, our standard and triangular postal tubes are the perfect choice. Alternatively, if you frequently ship books, our wrap-around book boxes, also known as "envelope boxes," offer quick and convenient packaging solutions. Specialised packaging is available.

Custom Mailing Bags for Personalized Delivery

Establish your brand by with a custom mailing bag. It's a fast and easy process that allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Take advantage of our convenient online ordering system, or reach out to our experts for more information. We're here to assist you in finding the perfect packaging solution for your needs.

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