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Gift Bags

Package products in style with our stunning range of gift bags!

Gift bags are beautiful, involve no fiddly wrapping and showcase the quality of your products easily. If you want to make a big impression, a gift bag is a great way to present a gift that doesn’t need to be wrapped up.

How to close a gift bag?

The best way to close your gift bags will be dictated by how your package will travel to your customer’s home. If you are packaging gifts in-store, using a branded or seasonal sticker to pinch the top of the bag closed in a nice touch. This is also a good option for businesses selling wine or spirits and packaging them in wine bottle gift bags. But what about when your item needs to stay firmly put inside its gift bag, such as for postage?

For e-commerce businesses posting items bought online, you will need to consider how to secure the item inside its gift bag for shipping. For small, loose items, such as confectionary, a small gift bag with a self-sealing strip will help keep your items secure. You could place this into a decorative large gift bag for premium products.

Small gift bags made from cotton and organza are soft, tactile ways to store gifts. Their drawstring necks are simple to close and reopen, which makes them perfect for gifting jewellery that can be stored in the bag. We also stock gift bags with a folded top that close with a concealed hook and loop fastening for simple-to-use, impeccable gift presentation.

What events are these gift bags suitable for?

A gift bag makes a gift special. Whether you are a business presenting premium products, or your items are being bought to give to a loved one, there are certain occasions when gift bags have the greatest impact.

Just like wrapping paper, gift bags come in colours and patterns that celebrate seasonal events and personal milestones. During the festive season, choose metallic silver or red Christmas gift bags to make a thoughtful gift extra special. Christmas gift bags also have the added bonus of not requiring any gift-wrapping expertise, which can be a gift in itself when you need to wrap many items.

When creating easter gift bags, adding bunny ears from cut out card to the inside of a paper gift bag is a simple, playful way to create bags perfect for collecting hidden easter egg hunt treats. Use double sided tape to hold the ears securely in place.

Bridesmaid gift bags are an important part of thanking your closest friends for their part in your dream wedding. For small, precious items like jewellery, you could place the item in a cotton drawstring bag and use a larger classic monochrome gift bag to create a beautifully presented gift. You could even use our bag customisation service to add the names of your bridesmaids to each bag.

To keep large gift bags containing multiple items neat, consider using smaller gift bags or gift boxes to package each item in the bag. For fragile and delicate items, filling your gift bags with coloured tissue paper can offer some light protection and add to the recipient’s unwrapping experience too.

Interested in finding out more? Head to our FAQ section for answers to our most-asked questions, or speak to our packaging specialists for expert advice.

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