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Guard against damage in storage and transit with our corner and edge protectors

It’s important that your products arrive in perfect condition. So Rajapack offers a range of corner and edge protectors to keep items safe from damage in storage and transit. They’re designed to protect problem areas that are easily knocked or scratched, helping you to keep products safe from harm. Rajapack stock a huge range of edge and corner protectors. Go for scratch-resistant foam if you need to protect surfaces, aluminium coated cardboard if you want waterproof protection and expanding plastic if you’re after something flexible but hard-wearing. Remember, our packaging experts are on-hand to help you find the best solution for every product and pallet, so whether you’re shipping furniture, glassware or electrical items – ask our team to help you find the best corner and edge protectors for your business.

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Foam U corner protectors
3 references

From £0.23 ex. VAT
Carton corner protectors
1 reference

From £120.70 ex. VAT
Foam corner protectors
2 references

From £82.47 ex. VAT
Protective corner profiles
2 references

From £34.07 ex. VAT
Corrugated pads
2 references

From £17.99 ex. VAT
Crepe Kraft paper
2 references

From £0.65 ex. VAT
Self-adhesive foam blocks
4 references

From £65.40 ex. VAT