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Protect your products with bubble wrap from the packaging experts

Bubble wrap is a great way to protect your products from damage while they’re in storage or transit. It’s lightweight, shock absorbent and abrasion resistant, so you can store and transport products with ease. And because our in-house experts are on-hand to help, you can order with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen the right bubble wrap packaging for your products and your business.

Rajapack offers a range of bubble wrap, so you can get the perfect protective packaging for every product. You can get big or small rolls, depending on how much you need, with a choice of perforated rolls and bubble wrap dispensers to save time. And remember - the smaller the bubble, the better the protection. So whether you’re ordering bubble bags, blankets or wrap, bear that in mind.
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Antistatic bubble wrap
3 references

From £38.67 ex. VAT
Extra-large bubble wrap
6 references

From £31.29 ex. VAT
Antistatic bubble bags
7 references

From £42.60 ex. VAT
Bubble bags
10 references

From £28.89 ex. VAT
Small bubble wrap
7 references

From £28.87 ex. VAT
Large bubble wrap
5 references

From £27.99 ex. VAT