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Ideal for low volume use

Please be aware these bubble wrap rolls are manufactured using 30% recycled materials. As a result the colour of the product is subject to change, and we cannot guarantee what colour the rolls will be upon delivery.

Maintain smooth operations with our 30m recycled bubble wrap rolls. The perfect packaging product to prevent items from being damaged due to knocks and bumps of transit, these small bubble wrap rolls are ideal shock absorbers. Featuring air retention technology, the bubble cells lose air slower than other rolls. As a result, they will maintain protection for longer as the bubble thickness is maintained. Plus, there is no cutting required when you’re ready to interleave or wrap your products. The bubble wrap packaging tears in a tidy, straight line which helps to minimise your wastage. Lightweight and supple, you can cut packaging costs when packing bubble wrap into your cardboard boxes. Easily able to conform to the contents, they take up less space than other types of bulky void fill.

These bubble wrap rolls are perfect for any company who wishes to consider their impact to the environment. So now you can buy bubble wrap rolls that are economical while giving your products the same level of protection as standard rolls.



Our product advice

Weights and limits: The strength of a bubble wrap roll is measured in microns. These impact-resistant rolls are 40 microns in thickness. Each bubble has a diameter of 9.5mm and a height of 4.2mm.

Materials: Each roll is made with a minimum 30% recycled content of polyethylene and other proprietary resins.

Environmental information: Thanks to the air retention technology, you can reuse this bubble wrap roll. Bubble wrap rolls are recyclable. However, be advised they may not be suitable for general recycling. You, or your customers, should check with local authorities for information and guidelines on how to recycle bubble wrap and bubble bags.

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  • Great produce only problem I need to cut this I usually just tear

    By Robert 29/06/22 14:15 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRBS30 - RAJA 30% Recycled Small 30m Bubble Wrap Rolls

  • Great Quality

    By Robert 13/06/22 12:06 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRBS30 - RAJA 30% Recycled Small 30m Bubble Wrap Rolls