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Jiffy FURNI-soft™ 30% Recycled Bubble Wrap Rolls

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  • Made from 30% recycled materials
  • Protect furniture from scratches and marks
  • Bubble blanket absorbs excess moisture
  • Non-abrasive woven polypropylene layer
  • Please note, due to recycled content, colour may vary from that shown
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Detailed description

High-quality furniture protection

Our Jiffy FURNI-soft™ 30% recycled bubble wrap rolls combine some of the best qualities of different typical protective products. Featuring the protective qualities of bubble that helps prevent damage from every day knocks and bumps, your products can sit in storage or be in transit while you enjoy peace of mind. The laminated low-density polyethylene (LDPE) outer film coupled with the soft woven polypropylene layer protects your products further by preventing scratches and marks. The bubble blanket is the ideal protective packaging solution for high-value products like tables, chairs, and sofas. This Jiffy FURNI-soft™ bubble wrap roll is the perfect choice whether you are a furniture retailer searching for durable protection, or an antique dealer preserving the quality of vintage items.

For added convenience, the FURNI-soft™ bubble wrap roll has been designed to absorb excess moisture. This provides high value items with a soft layer of protection. If you’re looking to minimise waste you can also cut the material down to size, and reuse if it is undamaged.



Our product advice

Weights and limits: These bubble wrap blankets have a 40 micron bubble layer, a 40 micron outer white layer and a 20 micron woven layer. Each bubble has a diameter of 9.5mm and a height of 4.2mm.

Environmental information: Manufactured from a minimum of 30% recycled materials, and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Bubble wrap rolls are recyclable. However, be advised they may not be suitable for general recycling. You, or your customers, should check with local authorities for information and guidelines on how to recycle bubble wrap and bubble bags.

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  • Ideal product and super fast delivery.

    By Marcia 07/06/22 18:29 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRBBL2 - Jiffy FURNI-soft™ 30% Recycled Bubble Wrap Rolls