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White Envelopes

Cut your postal costs with our high quality white envelopes

Stock up on the backbone of any stationery cupboard – white business envelopes. At RAJA, we stock most popular Royal Mail sizes including DL, C5, and C4. Professional and affordable, plain white envelopes are great for safely sending important documents to clients, customers, and suppliers.
Choosing an envelope with a window can be a great way to reduce postage times. Simply print the contents with an address and make sure it shows through the transparent plastic window. When you’re sending personalised letters, stocking up on white envelopes with windows can be the most effective solution to both time and cost. If you’re need to send confidential documents and need extra security, our plain envelopes are the perfect addition.
When you need to buy white envelopes in bulk, take into account how they are sealed. We stock two types for you to choose from. Peel and seal envelopes are designed with a pre-applied adhesive and a protective paper strip. Simply peel off, then you seal the envelope. Alternatively, our self-seal white envelopes are ideal for quickly sending numerous letters and documents. Once it’s ready to send, push down on the strip to ensure it’s properly sealed.
All our white envelopes are sustainably sourced, meaning they’re from sustainable forests and manufactured in factories that comply with environmental-friendly practices. So you can rest assured that we’re not taking more from the environment than we need to.
For more information, our can advise on how to recycle envelopes and mailers.
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When you’ve selected the right white envelope for your business, why not have a look at our variety of office supplies and stationery. With plenty of products to pick from you can thoroughly fill your office’s stationery cupboard. Or if your post room is regularly sending out high volumes of post, then our selection of a label printer and label printers will help to reduce the time it takes to address your envelopes.
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Choosing the right postage solution for your business is vital for ensuring communications and information reaches it’s destination safely. If you need guidance or advice about what would be the best fit for your business, get in touch with our experts. Always on hand to answer all of your questions, you can get in touch now by calling 0808 239 9800 for next day delivery on all envelopes.

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